Taming 7 by Chloe Walsh

Ebook free online Taming 7 9781464216053 English version

Taming 7

Chloe Walsh

Page: 464

Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2

ISBN: 9781464216053

Publisher: Sourcebooks

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Ebook free online Taming 7 9781464216053 English version


*FIRST PRINT RUN LIMITED EDITION OMBRE SPINE DESIGN - ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST* Taming 7 is an epic and unforgettable love story in the international bestselling and TikTok-phenomenon The Boys of Tommen series, from Chloe Walsh. She's the quintessential sunshine girl. He's the lovable class clown. But storm clouds are rolling in, and this Tommen boy is about to get serious. Tommen's cheekiest lad, Gerard 'Gibsie' Gibson, has always been a comedian, but most people don't see what lurks beneath the surface. He is haunted by events of the past and he uses humor to cope, hiding his true self from the world. Claire Biggs, the epitome of sunshine, has always loved Gibsie, her brother's friend and her favorite neighbor. She has always seen a side to him that no one else seems to notice. She becomes determined to tame her wild-at-heart childhood best friend. When lines are crossed, it becomes unclear whether Gibsie and Claire's friendship will survive. Will it blossom into something more, or will they lose themselves in the wild? Following characters that readers have grown to adore, Taming 7 will only expand your love for the Boys of Tommen universe. This book is perfect for readers looking for: New adult/YA crossover Irish romance Dual POVs Friends-to-lovers Angsty tearjerkers Bingeworthy TikTok books



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